Highly effective search services, for Strategy, Business and Corporate Development roles

Helping our clients drive competitive advantage through effective hiring: That is what we do.

Our services are grounded in rigorous research and proven through practical experience.

Each of our services is continually adapted to keep pace with the realities of a turbulent, changing world, and to provide continuity to clients as their needs evolve.

  • Executive Search
  • Manager Search
  • Interim Management
  • Talent Pipelining
  • Direct Access


In the high-stakes competition for the best executive talent, you do not want to waste time educating your search consultant on where to find the executives you need and on how to attract the very best talent to your organization. You do not want to make a sacrifice between speed and effectiveness.

Sailing Stones have developed our expertise by inhabiting, full time, the candidate community among whom we operate. We maintain and continually add to our strong personal connections to the best current and future executive talent, and we are structured to ensure you benefit from everything we know.

Each time we begin a search, we do not depend on our clients to educate us about where to look, or whom to approach – we aim to share our knowledge with yours, to develop a true partnership, and to work tirelessly and tenaciously, to deliver results when you need them most.

Without a doubt, our Executive Search service is the most effective way to identify, attract and ultimately hire top-decile executives into your business.

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As functional specialists, we aim to be the number one search firm operating among the strategy consulting and advisory community. To that end, we are uniquely structured to support your organisation linearly, from CxO downward.

When populating your strategy or corporate development teams, you are creating a bench of future leaders, therefore it is essential that you trust the identification of your future executives to a search partner who understands the landscape and is trusted by the candidate community.

Among our candidate community, Sailing Stones is synonymous with expertise in strategy, corporate development and innovation hiring. The trust that our candidates place in us, allows us to respond effectively each time a client places their trust in us.

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When you need to utilize a highly specific skill set to deliver a project, at short notice, for a short or indeterminate period of time, hiring a consulting firm can often feel like a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It is for just this type of situation that our Interim Management service delivers.

As the leading search firm operating among the consulting and advisory community, we have developed a broad network of professional interim consultants, and immediately available candidates keen to work on short-term projects. We are able to respond quickly to your needs for either fixed term interim replacements, or to scope out and deliver strategy, transformation or M&A projects.

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What if you could hire top decile managers quickly when your needs arise, rather than beginning a new search each time an employee leaves, is promoted or a new FTE is created? What if you could meet the most talented individuals in the market to explore opportunities rather than waiting until you need to plug a gap in your org chart?

Our researchers and consultants are continually attracting, meeting and advising the most talented current and future leaders. Many of our clients depend on us to create specific talent pools for their business so that they can respond quickly when a specific role opens up, or to be inspired and to stay current by regularly interacting with top-decile candidates.

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Your business may have implemented or be experimenting with a direct sourcing model, an internal team focussed on attracting candidates to fill roles within the organisation. This model can offer benefits in terms of cost and control, but like any model it is not without challenges, often related to the fulfilment of specialist roles that require the recruiter to penetrate a small, in demand, candidate community.

In this case, we can offer clients the opportunity to gain Direct Access to our candidate community. Using proprietary software, clients can utilize the same tools that our Consultants use to segment and search among our well researched talent pools. Clients gain retain responsibility for approaching candidates, and for managing the entire hiring process, or calling upon further support from Sailing Stones, as required

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